3 Cheap and Easy Ways To Maintain Your Air-Conditioning System


Air-conditioning systems are typically among the largest and most expensive home appliances. And, in a hot climate like the one in Lakeland, Florida, these pricy systems are relied upon all year long. Follow these simple steps to help avoid costly unit repairs and replacements.

Keep a Tidy Yard

Outdoor air-conditioning units tend to be large and unattractive, so they are typically hidden among the shrubbery in a home’s back or side yard. This is great for curb appeal, but it can be harmful to the unit itself. Leaves, pine needles and other yard debris can fall into the condenser and cause it to work inefficiently. Make time to regularly brush away leaves and branches that land on top of the unit, and trim any tree limbs that threaten to touch or grow into the unit.

Get Smart Service

Receive inexpensive service for your air-conditioning unit simply by requesting routine maintenance during cooler months. Service and repair companies tend to be busiest during the summer months because demand for repairs is high. Reach out to one of the air conditioning companies in Lakeland during the cooler months of November through March. Not only will they be less busy, but also their rates will likely be cheaper. Similarly, if there is a significant problem with your unit, replacing it will be cheaper during the off season simply because demand is low.

Maintain Fresh Filters

Regularly replacing your filters might be the fastest and easiest way to keep your air conditioner in great shape. Neglecting filters causes dust and allergens to blow through your home, and it can also clog your unit and impede the flow of cool air. A good rule of thumb is to change filters at least twice per year, but your home could require changes more or less often, depending on your climate and lifestyle.

While air conditioner repairs can be expensive, you can keep your costs low by utilizing these ideas for regular maintenance. Not only will they help keep your unit in good condition, they’ll keep your home looking and feeling cleaner, too.

Rose Mary Author