Comparison between Self-Moving and Moving by Hiring Movers

While moving your residence from one location to the other you can choose to do it on your own or you can hire any moving company to move your residence.

Let us see the pros and cons of both self-moving and taking help of movers in this post.

Moving by self

Following are the advantages of moving with self-arrangement:

  • You have full control

In this arrangement everything is under your control and you will be aware about the location of every item.

  • Save money

There will be plenty of savings with this arrangement as you only have to pay for transportation and labor charges if needed.

  • Pack in your own way

Here packing will be done as per your own preference and no need to give any instructions. If you prepare your own packing list then you will always know where you have packed each item.

Following are the disadvantages of this arrangement:

  • Heavy lifting

With DIY movement you have to do most of the labor work as well as packing of the items which may be exhaustive at times.

  • Need lots of planning

Though you have to plan both the options but here you have to do much more thorough planning so that no item is missing and they reach in safe condition.

  • May face any unexpected problems

In case you are stuck due to certain reason then you have to take all the pain to resolve the issue. Professional movers are well experienced in this activity and hence they can take care very easily.

Hiring movers

Following are the advantages of using the services of any moving company:

  • You need not work hard to lift your items

All the hard jobs will be taken care of by the moving company and you can just relax.

  • Efficient service

Usually moving companies are experienced in this profession hence they can surely perform all the necessary work efficiently.

  • Overall less stressful

Since you do not have to take any trouble of planning or transporting and hence you may remain less stressful.

Following are few drawbacks too.

  1. Less flexibility: You will have very little flexibility if movers do everything.
  2. Expensive: Service charges may be costly.
  3. Impersonal: You have to handover all your goods to a stranger.



Rose Mary Author