How To Get Rid Of Wasps From Your Garden

Wasps can be really unpleasant and noisy, especially when they are around your home and garden. Especially when they do not let you enjoy outdoor dining. These insects are usually found in the garden and open field, but if you leave your doors and windows open, they might just invest themselves into your home. However, wasps can be a bit useful in the garden by eating dead insects and flies, but they can be nuisance themselves. Other then stinging, they can be a severe threat to people who are allergic to them. If you are having wasps’ problem in your garden, then here are a few tips to get rid of wasps from your garden. Before you call hire a Local exterminator around Charlotte NC, there are a couple of things you can try to get rid of wasps from your garden.

Plant Repellant: this is one of the best methods to use if you want to get rid of wasps from your garden. Adding repellant plant into the mix is a great way to stop wasps from coming back to your garden. The natural repellant plants are thyme, citronella, spearmint, wormwood and eucalyptus. Plant them in your garden, in areas you would like to keep wasps off. These plants also add natural fragrance to your garden too. So, it is an excellent method to apply.

Peppermint Oil: wasps don’t seem to like any type of mint because it repels them, and which is why should make peppermint or the oil your friend, if you have wasps problem. Add this to the list of the plant to put in your garden. However, peppermint oil can also do the magic, add peppermint to a cotton pad and put them around your yard. Strategically around where you see their nest or places they usually visit in your garden. Also, target old nests because some types of wasps build a new nest in the same locations over and over again.

Wasps trap: water and sugar; okay, this trap works very well. Its attract wasps to fly inside the mixture because it offers a tempting treat for them. Don’t worry about them escaping, because they won’t be able to once they find their way in. You can make yours at home in minutes, so you don’t need to buy. Here is how you can make yours at home with these easy steps.

Method steps

  • Take two plastic pop bottles and cut off the neck.
  • Take off the bottle cap and turn the neck upside down and put it in the bottle opening that you cut earlier.
  • Tape them together using duct tape of packing tape.
  • Place the mixture of water and sugar inside. You can use beer, soda and vinegar or washing soap. Also, add a bit of cooking oil along the edges of your trap too. This will cause the wasps to lose balance when trying to walk on the edges and fall inside the trap.
  • Hang the trap around your garden and watch them fly right in.
  • Be sure all wasps are dead before emptying your trap. If some are still alive, just put boiled water in it.

Clare Louise Author