How to Set Up the Perfect Surround Sound System

What’s a Complete Surround Sound System?

A surround sound system is a necessity for audio and video lovers alike. Originally used in movie theaters, surround sound brings audio to the listener’s ears from every direction. Surround sound is also used in audio recording, so the listener experiences every instrument or vocal sounds from their favorite artist.

You too can build a complete surround sound system at home or your place of business. Here is a simple guide for finding the right equipment and setting the mood for the audio experience of your dreams.

What Steps Should I Take for Building a Surround Sound System?

1. Make Sure Your Equipment Is Secure

Surround sound is meant to be heard from every corner of the room. Surround sound speaker ceiling mounts bring the sound from above and protect your speakers from breaking after a fall.

2. Determine the Number of Speakers You Need

When equipping a large auditorium, place of worship, or movie theater, you’ll want to look into multiple speakers. A common practice is using six speakers: three in the front of the room, two in the back, and a subwoofer for extra volume. You can also consider a simpler device that controls surround sound for you.

3. Research Channels and Mixers

Musicians and audio technicians may choose to control the surround sound themselves. Different channels can be adjusted through mixing sounds, so each speaker has a different result. Make sure to shop around and see what works best for you.

4. Look to Microphones for Amplified Sound

Microphones in addition to speakers will help amplify the audio. Mics also are important for the recording process as long as they’re properly channeled and don’t produce any feedback. An arrangement of microphones in the case of music playback and recording should give the listeners the sounds they deserve and not produce too much audio from one musician.

5. Above All, Consider the Space of Your System

Surround sound systems can be tricky if you design them without considering the amplification you require for the space of the room. Obviously, home entertainment systems require less audio volume than a movie theater. It’s important to assess the whole picture before setting up a system in order to appease your audience.

Consider testing out equipment before you buy and make sure to find reviews on tempting products. Enjoy the music!

Clare Louise Author